Who are we, why Auctionista?

Registration is free and entirely without obligation - Auctionista believes it is important for every user to take advantage of its advanced functionalities such as the personal Alerts or the Newsletter. This is why registration is absolutely free and entirely without commitment. It will allow you to take advantage of the information issued and get used to the whole process and concept behind online auctioning before you actually place a bid.

Always a broad and diverse offer - Auctionista is the largest on-line auction in the Benelux. With some 20-plus on-line auctions going at any one time, up to 3.500 lots available and a total of 600-plus auctions run a year, Auctionista always has a broad range of highly diverse lots for the private and professional buyer.

24/7 bidding – Once registered you can start bidding immediately on all lots that are on-line at that time. 7 days a week, 24 hours a day!

Setting personal alerts – to keep you informed of new lots offered Auctionista has introduced the "Alert". Set to your personal preferences Alerts will ensure that you are automatically notified as soon as lots are added to the site that meet the criteria you have specified.

Weekly newsletter – As soon as you are registered, you can subscribe to our weekly newsletter, which will bring you the latest auctions and other interesting bits of news by mail. You will always be up to speed as to what's on offer.

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