Standard Bid

What is a standard bid – this is when you place one bid only on an item which is equivalent to or higher than the opening/current bid.

How does a standard bid work – the bid must be higher than the existing bid or for the very first bid, at least equal to the opening bid. Subsequent bids are raised by a minimum that is based on the current (highest) bid for that lot. Auctionista uses a graduated scale for standard bids - see below.

Current bidMinimum
0 - 101
10 - 502
50 - 1004
100 - 5006
500 - 1.00010
1.000 - 2.50030
2.500 - 5.00050
5.000 - 10.000100
10.000 - 50.000200
> 50.000  500
All amounts in Euros

Rules: - Bids placed by you are unconditional, i.e., its a binding commitment to purchase (should you be the lot winner). Read more in the general terms and conditions. Bids placed are exclusive of the buyer's fee and VAT. The applicable percentages vary and are specified in the description of the lot.

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