Tracking Lots On-Line

Tracking lots of interest – Under ‘My Lots’ in ‘My Account’, you can make a list of all the lots which you are interested in. These will be compiled into one simple and clear overview. From there you can simply keep track of all changes in the tracked lots and immediately bid on these lots if you wish to do so. By activating ‘My Lots’ you no longer have to go through the individual lots or auction pages - everything is compiled in one simple customer built view!

How to track lots on-line – Every item page (details of a particular lot) features a link on the right hand side: ‘TRACK THIS LOT’. As soon as you click on this link, the lot is added to your overview in ‘My lots’. Every lot on which you bid is also automatically added to the overview. At any time you can reverse this decision by clicking on the link 'STOP tracking this lot...’.

View ‘My Lots’ – Go to ‘My Lots’

Lots in the spotlight

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