Setting Product Alerts

Introduction product alerts – you are notified, by email, whenever additional lots are added to categories of interest to you.

How does it work – You can set an alert in a product category or a sub-category, or just enter a search term. You will be notified by email as soon as new lots are added to the auction site which meet the criteria you have specified.

Setting a product alert - In ‘My Overview’ you can set one or several alerts under ‘My Product Alerts’. You can also set product alerts immediately in the product category of a particular lot by clicking on the link in the Helpful Options box (on the right side of every lot description).

Resetting a product alert – you can reset a product alert by clicking on the link in the E-mail confirming the product alert, or on the ‘My Alerts’ page.

Set a product alert immediately – Go to ’My Alerts’

Lots in the spotlight

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