Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I review my invoices on the website?
By logging in and clicking on ‘my invoices’ you can review your invoices and track the status of your payments. Payments are updated by each morning of every working day. An automated email always confirms receipt of payment.

I have filled out all my data but cannot log in. What do I do?
After registering, you should accept the general terms and conditions by ticking the appropriate box. After you have submitted your data, you will receive an email with a link to confirm your registration. If your registration is successful, you will receive a confirmation mail. Should you have registered with a free email address (such as hotmail or gmail) we usually as for additional identification/action on your part. Please follow the mail instructions.

Can I collect my lots on another day than the collection day organised by always auctions on site and has restricted access to those sites on specific days. It is therefore not possible to collect your lots on other days/times other that those that are pre-fixed. We recommend that you avail of shipping services if this is a problem. On some occassions we can store your goods for a fee, but on a different location. Please enquire with our customer services.

Can I have my lots shipped?
Auctionista works with a number of external Preferred Partners to arrange your shipping in the most efficient and service orientated manner. Almost all lots are shippable and costs are visible during the bidding process through a drop down menu on the item page. You are of course also free to hire a courier but do be aware that we cannot be responsible for packaging, preparation, controls and loading on location. Your courier must be fully briefed!

Can I place a private bid (offline) on auction lots?
It is not possible to place private bids on lots offered for auction. The whole principle of Auctionista's auction system is to be completely transparent and fair in every way - all bids must be visible online.

Can I place a bid below the opening bid?
It is not possible to place bids below the opening bid. This is the starting amount and absolute minimum. There is however no reserve on any of our items.

Can I combine lots from different auctions for shipping?
It is not possible to combine lots from different auctions for shipping unless on some occassions where two auctions are being organised on the same day in the same location. Please contact our customer services for more information.

When should invoices be paid? processes bank payments every working day. Your payment should be credited to our account by the morning of pick-up day at the very latest - however all auctions have a given deadline which is on the invoice and in the related emails. To avoid misunderstandings, advises you to pay your invoices as soon as possible!

Why do some lots have different closing times within one auction?
At times we run auctions where not all lots close at the same time - the closing is staggered. This allows you monitor your bids and eventual purchases in smaller blocks and make decisions on bids according to previously closed lots, etc. Only when all lots from an auction have closed (maximum one hour) will the invoices be issued.

I am not satisfied with my lot and want to return it, is that possible?
Based on section 1 of Article 6:230o of the Dutch Civil Code, a consumer has the right of withdrawal of every contract that arises from an Online Auction of Auctionista within the period of 14 days. Exceptions are an Execution Auction, a Public auction or invoices with a total invoice value less than €50,00. The period of 14 days will start on the day the consumer or a third person (not being the shipper) appointed by the consumer has received the product(s). If the consumer wants to make us of his or her right of withdrawal, the consumer must send an email with the invoice number, debtor number and relevant lot number (s) to Auctionista within the period of 14 days. to:

Pay attention to the following:
1. A company does not have the right of withdrawal.
2. The consumer is responsible for all the costs of returning the product(s).
3. The consumer must handle the product(s) and the packaging with due care and attention during the period of 14 days. He or she must only unpack or use the product to the degree that is required to determine the nature, characteristics and operation of the product. The basic principle within this context is that the consumer may only handle and inspect the product as he or she would be allowed to do in a shop.

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