Shipping Services:

If you would prefer to have your goods delivered rather than pick them up, there are several specialists in the market who can arrange this for you. Keep in mind that auction shipping is a non-standard type of shipment, the goods are not ready to go, often nog in packing and may even need some type of extra handling (such as dismantling) before transport. On some locations, the seller himself provides services, in which case the information is given under the lot info online, or at the bottom of the invoice.

Shipping & Delivery
As a platform, we do not organise shipping ourselves, but are happy to recommend a number of specalists in the market. See here for a list (unfortunately the page is in Dutch but there are links to the companies' websites.!

Combined delivery
If you purchase more than one lot (from the one auction / one location), they will be combined and the package will be forwarded to your address. Lots which have come from different auctions cannot usually be combined, but it depends on the seller.

We deliver to the address that you registered with on your Auctionista profile. Please ensure it is correct at (before!) the time of invoicing as the address on your invoice is the address used!

Delivery deadline
It depends on which company, some need to take an order 2 to 3 days in advance of the collection date, some can work with a shorter timeframe. They also collect on the given day, and then start the packing and transport process. Mostly you can expect your delivery within 5 working days.

Shipping Rates
The fees cover the costs of all activities carried out by our transport partner on your behalf:
1. Retrieving items at the given date and time.
2. Checking the item on your behalf
3. Packing the item in our transportation warehouse for further shipment 
4. Delivery to your address.

Depending on a number of factors each item has a fixed shipping cost. These costs are totaled to provide a total shipping fee for your invoice. Calculation of the fixed rate per item is based on (a) volume, (b) weight (c) accessibility of the lot (which floor, what type of building etc and (d) fragility or labour involved (excess amount of packaging for protection or dismantling on location for example). 

Delivery abroad
Auctionista currently runs auctions by sellers based in The Netherlands & Belgium. The transport companies are of course capable of shipping all over the world!!

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