Shipping Services by one of Auctionista's Preferred Partners:

If you require delivery, we can provide a complete shipping service. The costs are based on a combination of the weight and volume of your lot(s). Please note that this service varies per country, and depending on how closely we work with Preferred Partners. Some work within our transport module, others work independently and will send you a quote seperately.

Shipping & Delivery
We deliver to the address that you registered with on your Auctionista profile. Should you wish to have it deliverd to an alternative address, you will have the opportunity to change this before confirming your invoice (having won the item(s)). Delivery includes collecting the lot(s) from location, testing and checking the lots to ensure that they are as per the description on the invoice and dismantling the lot where applicable.

Combined delivery
If you purchase more than one lot (from the one auction), they will be combined and the package will be forwarded to your address. Shipping fees are based on the total combined volume-weight, this will reduce the delivery cost of your individual items. Lots which have come from different auctions cannot be combined in the same shipping package as auctions are at different geographic locations.

Please ensure that the address details are correct on your profile, the delivery address will be included on the Pro forma invoice, (auction confirmation email).
We endeavour to deliver all items, but if we are unable to do this due to an incorrect address supplied by the customer, the cost will be invoiced to the customer's account. Delivery to a P.O. box address is not possible.

Delivery deadline
We strive to deliver all lots within five working days of the collection day provided the invoice is paid on time! Your invoice must be paid (to any of our Stichting/Escrow bank accounts) BEFORE the final collection day at the very latest.

Number of delivery attempts
A delivery at your address will be offered at least twice. If it is not accepted, it is then held at the local delivery depot - where applicable at the customer's cost. This will be indicated with a note in the postbox. If the package is not removed within the period specified in the note, it will be returned to Auctionista. There is an extra cost for re-delivery . For larger parcels (tables, cabinets etc.), the delivery company will contact you before delivery.

Shipping insurance 
The delivery company carry your parcels with the utmost of care during transportation. However, with high value and fragile goods we recommend that you take out the optional insurance policy. The cost of transport insurance is 3.4% of the item's value, with a minimum charge of €4.70.

Shipping Rates
The fees cover the costs of all activities carried out by our transport partner on your behalf:
1. Retrieving items at the given date and time.
2. Checking the item on your behalf
3. Packing the item in our transportation warehouse for further shipment 
4. Delivery to your address.

Depending on a number of factors each item has a fixed shipping cost. These costs are totaled to provide a total shipping fee for your invoice. Calculation of the fixed rate per item is based on (a) volume, (b) weight (c) accessibility of the lot (which floor, what type of building etc and (d) fragility or labour involved (excess amount of packaging for protection or dismantling on location for example). 

Sample shipping rates for domestic services:

Code 1 = 8,95 (light weight, up to max 2kg, max 3cm high)
Code 2 - 10 = 18,95 (basis rate, up to 10kg, max 1m length, not particularly fragile).

Rates from October 2008 have recently been updated and replaced by new rates which are valid online from 08/04/2011.

Last-minute delivery
Should you suddenly realise that you are unable to collect your lot, please contact customer services. Please however keep in mind that a late fee of  € 10 may on occassion be added to your invoice.

Delivery abroad
Auctionista currently runs auctions out of The Netherlands, Belgium and Ireland. Delivery surcharge for non-domestic destinations have additional surcharges above the standard domestic rates. Please see rates under each lot where applicable.

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