What is an auto-bid? – If you place an auto-bid, you decide yourself what your maximum limit is, what you are prepared to pay for a particular lot. Its "automatic" because your input is no longer required after that, you can head off and enjoy yourself and the system will place a bid for you - if neccessary! Auctionista will automatically raise your bid by the smallest amount allowed so that you will be the highest bidder again. 

How does it work? – To place an automatic bid you must fill in the maximum amount you want to bid on a certain lot into the 'auto bid field'. Auctionista automatically places the lowest bid that will make you the highest bidder. If you are outbid, Auctionista will raise your bid by the increment shown below but will never exceed the maximum amount you have specified. The system will also never go beyond what is absolutely necessary to out bid another bidder.

The bid increments (the brackets) are the same as per standard bid (click here for a full overview)

Please note: the amount you have specified is not visible to other users! If you change your mind and wish to lower it again, you can by reentering a maximum (but it must be higher than the current bid of course!).

*An autobod is indicated with an A following the bid number on-screen.

Rules: - Gentle reminder......bids placed by you are unconditional, i.e., its a binding commitment to purchase (should you be the lot winner of course!). Read more in the general terms and conditions. Bids placed are exclusive of the buyer's fee and VAT. The applicable percentages may vary and are specified in the description of the lot.

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